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Top 10 Black Hat SEO Tools to Make More Money From Your Site

Top 10 Black Hat SEO Tools to Make More Money From Your Site

Popular Marketers will say you that using blat hat SEO method will make a lot of harm for your site. It is true when you don’t know the right method and you don’t know what kind of tools can bring profit for you. I know it is tough to know about the tools before using them. But here I am going to share with a list of black hat SEO tools which you can use smartly to make a good benefit. Take a look at my list.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

search_engine_rankerThis is an amazing SEO tool which you can use to make unlimited backlinks for your site. They are offering a lot of amazing options which you will love a lot. Because of its easy use and effectiveness, this tool is very popular to the internet marketers. They have a huge list of sites from where you can make backlinks for your site. There is no require of any data base to submit your site. Rather it will locate new list of sites to submit your site link to them without asking your input. For the best result you should use the GSA Captcha Breaker and GSA Rapid Indexer. And the final result is boom in your site’s ranking position.

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xrumer-blackhat-seoThis software will help you to increase your search traffic faster. This is black hat SEO tool is using by the marketers for a long time. It is easy to use. Both beginners and advanced internet marketers can use this tool without any hassle. It will mainly help you to post your links and ads to more than 40,000 sites including guest posts, forums, directory, bulletin boards, social networks and some others. That means you can get ton of traffic for your site instantly. I mainly use this tool for my tier 2 backlink campaigns.

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SEnuke_TNG_ReviewSeNukeX is one of the most popular crowd sourcing backlink making software. You can call it the market leader when it is about to making automated backlink. In 2012, SeNukeX updated to the name SeNukeXcr where the extension or means crowd sourcing. This tool was mainly developed to generate automatic backlinks, and it is now successful in this field. It can continuously provide high quality backlinks. It works even after the Google penguin and panda update. If you want that your back linking campaign will run automatically then you can start using it without any doubt.

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Ultimate Demon

ultimate-demon-reviewUltimate Demon is a powerful Black Hat SEO tool which you can use for making instant backlinks. You can continuously make high quality backlinks with this amazing black hat SEO tool and it will improve your ranking position faster than the other backlink processes. User friendly interface allows both beginner and advanced marketers to make unlimited backlinks. You don’t need a high level knowledge of SEO. Ultimate Demon make backlinks from multiple platforms including Article Directories, Web Directories, Press Releases, RSS Directories, Document Sharing Sites Web 2.0 Sites, Wiki Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites, Video Sites.

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scrapeboxI love Scrapebox a lot because of its effectiveness in the search engine ranking position. I have ranked some of sites without any extra effort just by using the Scrapebox. This black hat SEO tool can you to ‘scrape’ domains across the web and use it for competitor analysis or link building acquirement to make the whole process more easy. Another thing you can do with this black hat SEO tool is posting comment on your own blog so that it seems like your blog is popular. You can get the lists of links that are highly relevant to your keywords and niche just by using this Scrapebox black hat SEO tool.

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If you are maintaining a blog network to make backlinks for your site or to give backlink service to your client, then this amazing tool is for you. This tool has a user friendly interface, so anyone can use it without any hassle. No matter where you have hosted your site. You can manage sites which is self-hosted or web 2.0. Perfect tool to manage PBN sites and links.

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The Best Spinner

TBS-boxWhen you are maintaining a lot of blogs, you need a ton of contents. It specially happens when you are making sites to get backlinks to your site. But generate a lot of contents within a short time is a difficult job. But when you have the Best Spinner tool, it is an easy job for you to get hundreds of contents. You have to just input one article to the tool, and it will generate a lot of spun contents to make your content quality better.

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imageThis black hat tool will help you to find the links from your competitor’s site. GScrapercollects5 URLs/second per thread to give you a long list of links. In a single second, each thread parses the Google SERPs,extracts the URLs, and gets a fresh proxy which is as like your footprints and save them into a text file to make your link building process more easy and faster.
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I hope the above list will be helpful for your SEO work. Just make sure that you are using the tolls in the right way.

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