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SEO Audit And Competitor Analysis Services

When you are thinking to defeat your competitor, the first step is to analysis the competitor’s site. You will notice sometimes that some small sites with a small number of contents are ranking for many relevant keywords. Even you will notice that they are ranked in the first page though you have a better site than their site. Why that’s happened with a site? Because maximum site owners don’t know how search engines see your site. If you want to avoid those errors, then the first step is to get an SEO audit of your site and the competitor analysis report.

Why you Need To Rank On The First Page Of Search Engines?

In a survey, it was found that 36% traffic clicks on the first site which appears in the first position.

You will get more leads if you are in the first position.

More quality traffic for your business.

Brand value creation.

More traffic means more profit.

Become an authority site within a short time.

What Is SEO Audit?

In SEO audit, you will find the important information about your site which are related to the ranking factors. Search engines give the rankings based on some factors. In an SEO audit all those data are checked manually and you will get a basic concept that how to improve your site ranking position. Like if you have a site XML sitemap, content quality, backlink analysis etc.

What is Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is a report where you will get the data about your competitor’s site. This report is mainly to focus how your competitor’s ranked on the search engines, included google, bing, yahoo and the others. This is an important thing when you are going to analysis about your business goal. This is like the traditional competitor analysis. When a company launch a product in the market, they research about the market and the competition. Like the traditional business, in online business, it is mandatory to analysis about your competitor’s site.

How We Perform an SEO Audit?

Checking Indexed Pages

First of all, we need to know about your goal. How you want to make profit from your site, it is the most important thing. Based on your target, we will develop goal and our marketing strategy.

Onpage Optimization Issues

We will check with the premium softwares if the titles of the pages are correct or not. And we will also check title tags are in the right portion or not. Other onpage issues like SEO friendly URL, H1 tag, keyword density etc. will be checked.

Content Checking

All of your contents will be checked manually to find if the contents are SEO friendly or not. We will also check the duplicate contents which may do major harm to your ranking. With these our team will check the sub domain duplicate contents and many more.

Technical Issues Of The Site

All the technical issues will be checked by our experienced team. In the technical check there are included XML sitemap, 301 redirect, bad redirect, Java script will be checked. Site speed is another most important thing and we will check every page loading speed.

Mobile Optimization

To rank on the mobile devices, you have to make your site mobile friendly. Every page should be responsive for a better result in the mobile devices. And every portion will be checked manually.

How We Perform an SEO Audit?

Finding Real Competitors

The first step of competitor analysis is finding the real competitors of your site. We will do it manually. W always try to find your complex competitor , Because if we dominate them you will go rise.

Competitor’s keyword

It is important to focus on your competitors keywords. If you want a good result with your site, then it is necessary to find all the keywords of your competitors. We will build a list of keywords which will be benefited for you.

SERP Analysis Of Competitors:

Another important part of this process, here we will check how your competitors sites are ranked in the search engines. In this part, DA, PA and the other ranking metrics will be checked by our team.

Backlink Analysis:

Another mandatory part of competitor analysis where we will check the competitors backlinks with the premium softwares. You can use those sources for your own backlink campaign

What Data Will Be Included in the Audit And Competitor Analysis Report

How to improve your site structure.

What steps should be taken for immediate result.

How to improve technical sides of your site.

Competitors keyword list.

Backlink source list of our competitor.

Expert’s suggestion to overcome the problems with a few steps.

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