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The giveaway result draws randomly by Viralsweep. We draw three times and choose them after verifying their work manually.
ViralSweep sent an automatic mail to the winners. Congrats to the Winners from DigitalVast. We will deliver the giveaway very soon.
Good Luck for next time, who didn’t win the giveaway.Thanks everyone to participate. 

How to Enter

  1. First of all, log in with your e-mail.
  2. Fill up the entries and increase your points.
  3. Refer your friends and get some extra points.
  4. Visit every day and tweet on Twitter, earn 10 points every day.
  5. After writing the blog post, give us the link and win 100 bonus points.
  6. Submit Video link and get 150 bonus point.
  7. For any necessary info, contact us.

Terms & Conditions

  1. If we find any kind of usage of Proxy or fraud activities, we will delete that entry.
  2. If you try to increase your point by signing up by your own referral, then you will be count out.
  3. Blog post must have to be unique.
  4. Every share will be checked by our DigitalVast team. If we don’t find that activity at that time, then we will cancel that entry.
  5. DigitalVast reserves the supremacy to make any change or decision about the Giveaway.
Can I join the contest?

Yes, you can. Above 13 years old, anyone can join this contest.

What is the procedure of selecting winners?

The person who gained the highest points will be selected as the winner.

When the result will be Published?

The winners will be announced at 15, September 2016.

How can I increase my points?
  • By referring your friends, when they will signup you will get 10 bonus points . Unlimited bonus point opportunity.
  • Visit Everyday to our giveaway page and tweet on your twitter profile, get 10 bonus every day.
If two winner has the same point, then what will be the decision?

Mainly we will select 3 people for winning content. But if two or more person point is same then we will make a random selection of this winner. And rest of contest point owner will win a special 20% of discount coupon.

In which topic I should write my Blog Post?

You can write the blog post on Any services of DigitalVast or about the Giveaway. Post length should be 400 words or more.

Basic Guide:

  • Write about the giveaway.
  • Post on your blog.
  • Share with your friends.
  • Submit your link here

You will receive 100 Bonus point by submitting post link here. 

In which topic, I should create the video?

Create a video about DigitalVast. Such as DigitalVast service reviews, video testimonial or the giveaway.

Basic Guide:

  • Create a video about DigitalVast
  • Publish on YouTube
  • Share with your friends.
  • Submit the video link.

You will receive 150 Bonus point by submitting video link here. 

The answer of my question is not existed here.

OKay. Then contact us through this contact form.

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Who will be the Winer?