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Permanent Homepage Posts on High TF/CF and High DA/PA Sites that are 100% Relevant
to Your Niche! We have 15 most popular list to build your backlinks.

How many times have you spent a ton of money on “Amazing” blog posts.. without even seeing a blip in the SERPs. You shouldn’t be surprised There’s a good reason why that keeps happening. Usually, when you posts on pbns, you have a choice.

High Authority
Niche Related.
And that’s the problem.

When you buy “High Authority” blogs

They usually don’t have real authority.Most are based on outdated metrics like PR, and can’t do much to help your money site.
Other posts on the blogs could be on any subject from windows 8 to windows shades, from game hacks to game hunting. Google can easily see that the pbn sites have nothing to do with your money site, and will ignore your links and eventually de-index the whole network.
When you buy “niche” blog posts

The metrics are usually ordinary (at best), and the sites are often useless. Google may love the fact all of the posts are in the same general niche, but the sites have no real power or authority, so there’s no juice being sent to tour money site.
Niche network tends to be poorly-built, because the people who are excellent at constructing pbns know they’ll make a lot more money when they accept all buyers, no matter what their niche or keyword is.
It’s a real problem
But..We’ve developed the solution

we’ve perfected the art of building blog network, and we’ve continued to research and improve our techniques with new, popular and influential systems like rank and bank, hundreds of clients count on us to DigitalVast their ranking, and we do.

Now, we’ve decided it’s time to use our extensive knowledge and expertise to take niche blogs to a whole new level.

Fifteen Popular niches available

Health, Technology, Business, Finance, Shopping, Casino, Home improvement, Fashion, Coupons/Vouchers, Social media marketing, Gamming, Loans, Insurance, Real Estate, Professional Services

Why do the Niche Networks work like Magic?

There are two things Google looks for when it evaluates backlinks. Legitimacy and authority.







Social Media

Real Estate


Home improvement


Professional Services





Why do the Niche Networks work like Magic?

There are two things Google looks for when it evaluates backlinks. Legitimacy and authority.

Legitimate Link

A legitimate link is one that’s placed naturally on a site which is 100% relevant to the destination, it makes perfect sense for the link to be there because it’s a contextual link which would be of interest to readers. A visitor to “Joe’s dog blog” would be happy to see links leading to dog training and dog food sites – they’re “legitimate” links. But if those same links were on “tyson’s fight site,: it would be easy to see that they’re not legitimate.

Authority Link

An “authority” link is one which is placed on a site that Google already views as an important site in a niche, and we can measure that by a domain’s metrics like trust flow(tf) and domain authority (da). If “Joe’s dog blog” is a brand new site on a brand-new domain, it clearly isn’t an “authority site, its metrics will be weak, and its backlinks won’t be valued highly.

Now it should be clear why most pbn blog posts you buy don’t even move the ranking needle. If you buy posts on authority sites, you links aren’t “legitimate.” If you buy posts on relevant niche sites, you links can don’t have “authority.”. We give you both – Legitimacy and authority with the ultimate niche network.

And since high tf is the ultimate measure of domain authority- we make sure that every one of our niche sites has an average tf of 15-30. No other niche network can bring that calm.

Our Main Features

Niche relevant Sites - Every Post And Feature On The Site Will Relate Directly To Your Niche!

Permanent Homepage Posts - They'll Never Roll Off The Home Page

Every Site is Nigh TF/CF - Average TF/CF is - 30

Every Site is High PA/DA Average PA/DA - 30

Every Website is High PR - Most of them PR 2 -5

Every Site is built On An Aged Authority Domain

Every Link is Permanent - For A One-time Cost

Important FAQ's

what's the quality of these links, sites and pages?

Every site has extraordinary TF/CF/DA/PA/PR. Your links will be top-quality, and everyone will be coming from a high -authority site built to look 100% natural.

What if my site dosen't fit those niches?

Then we won’t be able to accommodate you. Sorry about that.

Do you accept foreign language sites?

Yes, but the articles will be written in english.

Will I get a report?

Not exactly. Since this is a hidden, secret network we have to keep the URL’s for everyone’s protection and privacy, but you will get a screenshot with the URLs hidden, showing a few details of the network and your campaign.

What networks do i have to choose from?

We have networks in 15 of the most popular niches anywhere. health, technology, business, finance, shopping, casino and others. Just choose the one that fits the subject of your money site.

What will the content be like?

All articles will be 250-400 words long (varied lengths look more natural), hand written and unique.

What is the turnaround time, and how long should it be before i see results?

TAT is 25-30 business days. you should see SERP’s movement in 4-6 weeks.

Is there a limit of the number of the keywords and URL?

We recommend one URL and maximum of five keywords, since the more URLs and keywords you use,the more the power of the links will be diluted, using just one URL and few keywords will give your campaign maximum effect.

Then how can i track my rankings?

We’ll also send you a tracking link for serpbook, where you can monitor your ranking for 60 days.

What about you refund policy?

Because of the nature of this service, we regret that no refunds are possible after your links have been placed.

Authority Niche PBN Posting Service Price

No hidden fees, and no shenanigans. Just affordable, reasonable pricing plans for all types of businesses.

  • Starter

  • $235

    One Time
  • 15 Permanent Niche Relevant Home Page Permanent Blog Post
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  • Pro

  • $449

    One Time
  • 30 Permanent Niche Relevant Home Page Permanent Blog Post
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  • Ultimate

  • $550

    One Time
  • 45 Permanent Niche Relevant Home Page Permanent Blog Post
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