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Social Media Campaign Service

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Social Media Campaign Service

Social Media Marketing is the best way to increase your brand awareness to the targeted people rapidly. Though some marketers think social media can’t bring quality leads or sales to your site, but this is absolutely wrong. You have to play the social media marketing game like a pro. Here we, the Digitalvast is giving affordable social media marketing services for any new or old online businesses.

Why You Need Social Media Marketing Campaign?

The best part I love about social media marketing is, you can target here people based on different variables. Like you can target by the anniversary date, birthday, based on relationship and much more. Many business blogs have already mentioned that with social media marketing,  you can ensure the maximum ROI. Where the Adwords or Being campaigns are costly, Social Media marketing is cheap and effective. No matter you have a big industry or you are a small business owner. You can increase your sales, brand awareness, search visibility, etc. If you have the knowledge about SEO, then maybe you know about the power of social media marketing to rank a site. Search Engine Giant google has already been giving importance of the social signal of your site.

Not only the ranking factor, there is no other paid marketing system where you can get a good result without spending a lot of money. We are mainly focusing on Facebook Paid Ad Campaign, Twitter Marketing, Linkedin Marketing, YouTube Marketing and Pinterest marketing.

Why You Should Choose DigitalVast For The Social media Marketing Service?

We have a skilled Social Media Marketing Team to provide you the best Social Media Marketing service in the planet. Our team will observe every single campaign for maximum reach and maximum Return Of investment. I have told you before that, this is a game where only the pro marketers win. Keeping that thing in mind, our team has built. We believe in success and we work for success. We have a lot of satisfied customers who has increased his sales with our social media marketing service.

What We Are Offering?

Facebook Marketing

According to facebook, they have 1.55 billion monthly active user. So, how can you deny to reach to the targeted people with the facebook marketing. We will set up your Facebook fan page for your organization. We will provide the page support and others. With the Facebook Ad Campaign Service of us, you can reach your business to the targeted audience which match with your business. From the college classroom to corporate offices, facebook users are everywhere. And we will reach them with paid ads. So you can get a better performance than the other paid ad services.

Twitter Marketing

Can you guess the number of tweets everyday people make? The approximate number of daily tweets is 58 million. Yes, a large number of audience is tweeting here. So, you can’t ignore this social media. We have different packages about twitter. As like custom twitter page and editing existing twitter page. Making tweets everyday and promoting a special tweet to reach to the right audience and convert them into customers. If you want something more, then according to your need we will give the service.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin is another popular social media platform. This is actually a platform for the professionals. If you want to make business relationship with another business owner in your niche, then this is the perfect place. Our DigitalVast team will promote your business profile to the targeted audience based on location, age group and interest group through the linkedin ad campaign.

YouTube Marketing

The second largest search engine of the world is YouTube. Video marketing is a powerful way to reach to the people. And if you publish a great video in your niche, then there is a great possibility that your video will viral. We have two types of service for YouTube. Video making service and video promotion service. We will promote your video to the targeted people to ensure youre your business success.

Pinterest Marketing

Most of the pinterest users are female. So if you have a business about women or your industry is related to the woman products or other things, then pinterest is the best way. We will promote your pin by pinterest paid marketing service. If you need a high quality image for pinterest marketing then our creative designer team is always ready to serve you the best service.
I have mentioned only the popular social media platform marketing services. If you want to promote your business to the other social media then we are ready to take the challenge.

Why Should You Choose DigitalVast?

Market analysis to know where is your potential customers.

Weekly report about the spending and ROI.

Consulting with you about the success of the marketing service.

Customizable services, so you can choose your own style.

Monthly report for long term services.

Creative designer and marketer team.

Why You Should Choose DigitalVast?

Experienced team for PPC campaign.

Cost management team to analysis your ROI.

Business consultation if needed.

Conversion rate optimization.

Email marketing team for E-Mail Campaign.


We have already provided PPC services to many industries. Many small business owners are satisfied with our services. They got conversion and increased their ROI.

Remarketing Ad Campaign Service Price Plans

Every campaign is different, so it’s impossible to quote a one-size-fits-all price. The price of the service will vary depending on your keyword volume and monthly spend.Then send us a message. Our Customer Service Section will take care of you as Pro. Don’t feel hesitate to send a message.

  • Small

  • $750

  • Best For Small Business or Small Blog Website

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  • Medium

  • $1500

  • Best For Medium Business or Corporate Website.

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  • Enterprise

  • $3000

  • Best For Any Big Business or Brand

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