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ABG is the proven link building strategy in 2017.

ABG: The combination of Alpha, Beta, Gama. It is the most powerful tier link building strategy in 2017 with a Search Engine ranking improvement guarantee. And it works with almost every industries or niche!

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It' took 259 days to find the secrets

It wasn't an easy task to find the secret path. We experiment 50 websites in those days & at last found the core part of the ranking system.

Sojib Rahman

In my 9 years of working on SEO, this is one of the successful technique we got. Tafser and I always love to do something new. As the plan, we build ABG link building system. We combine Link Wheel, Link Pyramid, Tier Backlinks, Domain Stacking system into one. No doubt it can be worth investment for anyone.

Sojib Rahman
Tafser Ahmed

Tafser Ahmed

It was really tough to find out the secret way to dominate search results. We failed many times with it. But sometimes EGO can help to do something. And now it’s ABG.  I read many strategies & working more than eight years. But I can say only one thing, ABG is the best link building method I have ever seen.

What is ABG link building strategy?

ABG is one of the latest and unbeatable Link Building Strategies that's works in any situations. Full Google Penguin safe manual link building strategy where You DESERVE MORE.

It's a Compact Tier System.

It's not just link wheel or link pyramid system. It's more than everything. A manual tier system of link building.

Powerful Strategy Design

ABG made a year ago and implemented the strategy on many websites. Now ABG released with a lot of experience.

SE Ranking Guarantee

ABG link building is providing ranking improvement guarantee. If ABG fails, You will get money return.

Hate tool. Love manual.

We don't use any automation or link building tools in 1-2nd tier to boost your site on SERPs. So no way to get penalty from algorithm.

Our ABG Backlink Strategy Success

Lots of trouble out there, Stay with us and get rank

24 out of 31 websites ranked on 1st page!

ABG dominated high competitve Keywords in business niche.

0 Penalty or Rank Droped Recoded in last 6 months!

DR increased 0 to 70 using ABG link building system.

Increased massive organic traffic within 3 months!

A Ranking Improvement Guaranteed Service

We are very confident about rank increasing on a search engine. For that, we give you  a rank improvement guarantee for you. If we fail, we will give you the refund.

Core features of abg link building strategy

Combination of Alpha, Beta, Gama, we are giving you the authority, relevancy & natural link building profile at once. For that your website never get hurt and you can experience about a high ranking in Search engine.

Link Audits

Before moving to apply ABG link building strategy on your site, we will review your existing link.

Backlink Safety

ABG is a white label SEO strategy. There is no way to get penalized by the algorithm. It's 100% safe.

Improvment Guarantee

The ABG strategy is offering a ranking improvement guaranty. This beast never failed. If fails, you'll get a return.


ABG already reached to many websites.Now it's easy to create links using the outreach method.

Onpage Audit

ABG helps you to provide a quality report for ranking on SERPs. Also beta will fix them for better ranking.

Secret Sauce

Our link building strategy has a secret sauce to rank on SERPs. We don't share the secret to make beta alive.

Tier Strategy

ABG don't use a single way to create links. ABG built with three types of tier link building strategy.

Social Signal

We don't build only links. As well as, beta will help you to increase social signals to make it natural.


If we find any harmful links, we will remove those links immediately to protect your site from the penalty.


We have a design team to create a fantastic infographic. And ABG will use the infographic to create links.

Error Issue

Check technical issue like robot.txt, crawling, indexing, 404 page and 301 redirections or any error.

Dedicated Support

One dedicated support team help you to solve your problem as soon as possible. Using live chat or e-mail.

What we won't

We Are Not Putting your link in Spam.

We won't start project without proper on page optimization

We won't accept Adult, Drugs, Arms, Gambling niches

We won't give you the promise of getting #1 on Google in 1 month. No false commitments

What we actually do

Full manual link building in 1st and 2nd tier.

Safe backlinks building with high authority link chain

Write unique content & diversify link profile.

You will get the full report after delivery the project.

We build high social profile with traffic

Choose a plan. Get Imaginable Ranking.

At this moment we can't take more than 5 orders in a month.
Before ending the month slot, take ABG and get rank on SERPS.

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  • Site Audit
  • On page Optimization
  • Snippet Optimization
  • Error Fixing
  • Site Speed
  • Page Level Keyword
  • Targeted Keyword
  • Press Release
  • Guest Posting
  • Editorial Link Building
  • Infographic Marketing
  • 301 Re-Direction
  • Profile Backlinks (Do/No-Follow Mix)
  • Blog Comments(Do/No-Follow Mix)
  • Wiki/Gov/Edu Backlinks
  • Web 2.0
  • PBN Post
  • Social Signal
  • Premium Indexing
  • Negative SEO Protection
  • UR/DR (Ahrefs)
  • CF/TF (Majestic)
  • LI/DA (CognitiveSEO)
  • Rank Tracking
  • *Secret Sauce*
  • TAT
  • Support

Basic Plan

$499 / One Time
  • Up to 2 Keywords
  • 3 Dofollow Post
  • 1 Dofollow
  • 100 HA
  • 100 HQ
  • 10/10/10
  • 30 HDA
  • 5 DD
  • 3 months
  • 30/30
  • 20/20
  • 25/Good
  • 30 days
  • E-mail Support

Webmaster Plan

$999 / One Time
  • Up to 5 Keywords
  • 7 Dofollow Post
  • 3 Dofollow
  • 1 Infographic
  • 200 HA
  • 150 HQ
  • 30/30/30
  • 40 HDA
  • 10 DD
  • 3 months
  • 45/45
  • 30/30
  • 40/Good
  • 60 days
  • Skype Support

Agency Plan

$1499 / One Time
  • Up to 10 Keywords
  • 12 Dofollow Post
  • 7 Dofollow
  • 3 Infographic
  • 400 HA
  • 250 HQ
  • 70/70/70
  • 70 HDA
  • 20 DD
  • 6 months
  • 60/60
  • 50/50
  • 50/Good
  • 120 days
  • Skype Support

*There are many things we couldn’t add in the pricing table for keeping the strategy secrets. We just shared 40% of the regular task in the pricing table.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions

Is ABG safe for my website?

ABG is 100% safe for any websites. We took 250+ days to develop this strategy. No way to get penalty using ABG strategy.

How can I believe ABG?

We are working in this field for eight years. Search on Google to know more about our ABG founders. Hope it can help to believe about ABG.

Okay, If I use ABG, will it ensure #1 Position?

Formally, NO. Informally, we aren’t Google founders. We are ABG founder. We won’t ensure #1 rank positions. But we provide 20% ranking improvement guarantee.

Did you ever rank on #1 using ABG?

That’s good question. YES, we did. And it happened many times. And more than 60% possibility to get #1 position using ABG strategy.

Sounds Good! Interested to know How many times ABG failed?

We love to answer this question. ABG never failed. And We believe our ABG strategy can dominate SERPs positions.

How can ABG Strategy benefit my website?

By using ABG Strategy you can reach tens of thousands of potential prospects for your business over the short-term, and millions over the long-term with a consistent Social Media, content marketing, and web 2.0 Campaigns, 301 redirections & much more.

Do you use spamming or automatic tools to generate backlinks?

Strictly NO. All links will be created manually by our SEO link building experts, search engine optimizers from our SEO Teams has eight years of experience in successfully managing link building campaign for individual and agency. All painstakingly built by hand and monitored closely for de-indexing.

Do you replace backlinks if I don't like any of the backlinks created by you?

Depending on the situation, we create backlinks from relevant websites and follow the guideline from Google and other search engines to make sure that your site is not linked to any sites with a high spam score/bad metrics/in a bad IP neighborhood that will result in harmful or toxic backlinks. If we find that we have created bad backlinks. We will promptly replace it.

Do I have to pay before you start with the project?

Yes, 100% upfront Payment.

What Kind of report do I get?

We will provide a report in Excel sheet format. You will see different tabs of each phase.

How long will you give support?

DigitalVast Team is always ready to provide support. The fact it depends on the relationship. What kind of relation you built to get support for a lifetime. We always try to be helpful to our the honorable clients.

Will you assist if anything bad happened in future?

Yes, will do. If you want to disavow any links or want to delete any links, we will help you here.

What about Ranking Improvement Guaranty?

Yes, we give you A Ranking Improvement guaranty. That mean if your website ranking stats are not increased then we will give you a 50% refund of your order.

Whats your refund policy?

Please read our refund policy to know more about our service refund policy. For ABG, once you place an order, it means your order confirmed. You will only get the refund which we mentioned in about guarantee service.